How Do I Maintain My Scalp with Braids?

How Do I Maintain My Scalp with Braids?

From box braids and flat twists to Bantu knots, protective hairstyles are excellent for shielding your hair from the elements and maintaining its natural glow.

But while wearing braids, caring for your scalp may be a challenge as you can't always wash and dry your hair daily. Since your scalp is an extension of your hair, you must care for it to support healthy hair growth.


Tips for Maintaining Your Scalp while Wearing Braids

Keeping your scalp well moisturized and oiled is key to maintaining your scalp while wearing protective styles like braids.

But before even doing that, here are some tips.

1.      Start with a good foundation.

The first step to caring for your scalp while wearing braids is done right before installing the hairstyle.

Prep your scalp by detoxing it first. Your stylist can do that for you. This will give a healthy foundation so you can wear the braids for longer.

Also, it's advisable to wash any synthetic hair you're adding to remove allergens that may cause itching.


2.      Have your braids loosely fixed

Tight braids can tense up your scalp and negatively affect your hair follicles, leading to hair loss over time. So make it a little loose.


3.      Wash your hair regularly.

Of course, it's not realistic to wash braids daily. Ensure you shampoo your braided hair at least once a week if you have oily hair or once in two weeks.


4.      Be gentle on your scalp.

Gently massage your scalp as you wash to promote blood flow and relieve oxidative stress. You'll be tempted to rub vigorously, but don't.


5.      Use a moisturizer daily.

Having a styling spray and roller bottle of hair oil is an excellent way to maintain your scalp while wearing braids. This will help you moisturize your hair and scalp daily, wherever you are, without having to wash your hair frequently.

Evenly moisturize the tips and roots of your hair.


How Long Can You Maintain Braids?

Even if your braids look as beautiful as the heavens, you shouldn't keep them forever. So how long should you maintain a protective hairstyle?

It's recommended not to keep your braids for longer than two months as hair shedding will begin to accumulate.

There are many protective styles to try, so change as much as possible.

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