The Scalpyroll Line — Premium Treatment for Your Scalp

The Scalpyroll Line — Premium Treatment for Your Scalp

Do you have itchy hair? At some point, you must have wished there was a way to massage your scalp without messing up your hair in the process. Especially when you do protective styles like braids, your scalp may dry quickly and itch as you may not always want to get it wet.

So, when washing your hair isn't readily an option, such as when traveling, what do you do?

The solution to itchy hair is to nourish your scalp frequently with natural oils.

Fortunately, the Scalpyroll Line has been rolled out, three incredibly effective hair products that offer itch relief while supporting healthy hair growth!

Excited? Why not?


Give Your Scalp a Treat

The Scalpyroll Pro Grow Oil, Scalpyroll Itch Relief Oil, and Scalpyroll Braid Aid Oil come in roller bottles, meaning you can get a scalp massage wherever you are to boost blood flow to the scalp. This offers instant itch relief, moisturizes your scalp, and stimulates the follicles to support hair growth.


Scalpyroll Itch Relief Oil

The Scalpyroll Itch Relief Oil contains a rich blend of essential oils, including Tea Tree oil, which is highly effective in soothing itching scalp. It's super easy to use and comes in a roller bottle so that you can use it on the go for a quick scalp massage. No more messing up your adorable hairdo to soothe an itch.


Scalpyroll Braid Aid Oil

Braids are protective and gorgeous. However, they do not always get the moisture they need, leading to a dry, itchy scalp.

The Scalpyroll Braid Aid Oil is as its name implies. It supplies braids with essential oils, ensuring the scalp retains enough moisture and nutrients while your hair is in a protective style.

With the roller bottle, you can conveniently massage your scalp in style.


Scalpyroll Pro Grow Oil

If you desire healthy, rapid hair growth and sheen, Scalpyroll Pro Grow Oil is a must-have. It contains a rich blend of oils, including Rosemary oil, known to stimulate hair growth.

Apply by rubbing the roller ball against your scalp, thereby boosting blood flow and promoting hair growth. You'll also enjoy a good scalp massage while at it.


Scalpyroll oils are travel-friendly, affordable, and fully packed with natural oils. What an excellent way to attain radiant, non-itchy long hair with ease!

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